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Two Seas TV is a commercials and TV production company based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Our aim is to help create films that inspire and inform but at the same time that are intelligent, relevant to the brief and cost effective. Excellent locations, professional crews and a favourable exchange rate, mean that Cape Town remains a popular film making destination. We specialise in TV production but no project is too small or too large. Whether you need a service company or a fixer to facilitate your production you have come to the right place. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will reply immediately or browse the website to find out more. We look forward to working with you on your next production. Helen Atty (Fixer, Writer, Producer)



Commercials With more than 25 years’ international experience in commercial production, our team will ensure that your shoot is a success and your clients are happy. Imagination and ingenuity are paramount in creating a quality product in often challenging situations. With this in mind, all projects are approached with a focus on attention to detail whilst fostering an environment based on creative expression, integrity and enthusiasm. With a stunning variety of locations, world-class technical crew and a favourable exchange rate, Cape Town is hard to beat as a filming location and of course it is not a bad place for a holiday either! Client service is our passion and with such a wide range of accommodation, leisure, dining and nightlife options available, your clients will be begging you to take them back. Please drop us a line on info@twoseas.cc for more information on our beautiful city, location ideas or a quote.

Content Since 2007 Two Seas TV has facilitated a large variety of TV productions for clients including Animal Planet and the BBC. We offer fixing and service production for any size project and working within all budgets. Our focus is on accuracy, transparency and efficiency. The services that we offer are:

  • Fixers
  • Visas
  • Research
  • Technical crew
  • Location Permits & Scouting
  • Logistics
  • Equipment Rental
  • Hotel Bookings

We also develop our own content, see the Projects section below for more info.


Look + Feel Two Seas TV presents a TV series about sustainable South African Design, entitled Look and Feel. In honour of Cape Town winning the World Design Capital for 2014 the series will consist of 13 x 24 minute episodes featuring South African designs and designers. The series will focus on the ability of ‘green’ design to address social and economic issues, either through resource efficiency, skills development or eco-friendly processes. We are currently busy fundraising and looking for distribution. Get In Touch With Us

Harf & Soul This feature-length documentary explores the fine art of calligraphic painting, a modern art form with its roots in traditional Islamic calligraphy. Practiced continually since the invention of the Arabic script over 1,500 years ago, the practice has moved from a purely religious purpose into the mainly secular form that it takes today. We will see that the enduring appeal of the written word is as relevant today as it was at the time of Muhammad and how the simple beauty of a line is appreciated as much as the complexity of its message. Get In Touch With Us

Sow Metro Sow Metro is a garden makeover reality show specifically about urban gardens. Urban agriculture has many positive benefits to the community and individuals. It increases access to fresh food, creates connection to the natural world and provides educational opportunites. Fun for all age groups, this series is about makeovers, families and of course it’s about gardening. Sow Metro is integrated with social media with potential contributors competing online to have their gardens featured on the show. Get In Touch With Us


Helen’s enthusiastic, friendly, can-do attitude is refreshing in this industry. She organised a BBC shoot for me and her work was superb down to the last minute detail. Katharine Arthy – Assistant Producer, BBC, London

Thank you for all your help and hard work regarding this shoot, the crew have got some great stuff and that is thanks to you and the crew. They were all very impressed with you and the external crew, I will add your details to our database of approved fixers and will not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Rob Wootton – Producer, Icon Films, Bristol, UK

SA was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for your hospitality, friendship and memories. Mauricio Vasquez – HQ Productions, New York

Helen Atty

Fixer / Producer


Cape Town, South Africa


helen@twoseas.cc +27 82 728 9818 Skype ID: helenatty

Helen Atty