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Facilitating TV productions in South Africa since 2007

Two Seas TV

About us

Two Seas TV is a production company based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. It was set up by producer / fixer Helen Atty in 2007 to facilitate international crews shooting in South Africa. Together with a trusted team of freelancers, our aim is simply to make your life easier. We take care of the local logistics so that you can focus on content but we can help with that too! For more information or prices, please do not hesitate to contact



Since 2007 Two Seas TV has specialised in facilitating factual content and documentaries. We work with production companies to produce quality programmes for broadcasters including Animal Planet and the BBC. We offer fixing and line production services for any size project and work within all budgets. Our focus is on accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.

Local Producer


With more than 25 years of international experience in TV commercials, our team will ensure that your shoot is a success and that your clients are happy. All projects are approached with a focus on attention to detail whilst fostering an environment based on creative expression, integrity and enthusiasm.

Two Seas TV


Here are a few of the documentaries that we are proud to have facilitated over the past 15 years and we look forward to more to come!


Two Seas TV


Documentary Productions

In Development

Two Seas TV currently has the following three productions in various stages of development. From a high end feature-length documentary to a topical magazine show and a fun make-over series. Explore the links below or contact Helen for more info.

Harf & Soul

Contemporary Arabic


Feature Documentary

Sow Metro

Urban Gardening

Makeover Series


Sustainable SA Design

Magazine show