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Click on the pictures or links below to find out about our TV production services. We offer a full-sevice package or tailored items to suit your budget's requirements. Whether you just need a researcher, a fixer or everything from location permits to catering all opur services are managed with transparency and professionalism.

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 Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a tailor-made quote.


With more than 15 year's experience in TV production and facilitation, I have worked as a fixer with the BBC as well as with many other clients including; Input Media, Zodiak Media, Nippon TV and more. Good planning along with problem sovling on the go will mean that your shoot is as smooth and hassle free as possible. CV and references on request.


I'll provide you with a quote according to your budget and requirements. This ensures transparency and is negotiable up-front. I also do research, hotel bookings and give visa assistance and advice. The photos below are courtesy of The Cape Milner Hotel. We have access to production rates at this hotel and many other boutique and chain hotels specialised in catering to film industry requirements. If you prefer we can also quote you for guest houses and self-catering accommodation.

Technical Crew

From professional camera and sound crews to gaffers and grips. All crew including Art department, PAs, drivers and translators are hired on a freelance basis, lowering overheads and allowing me to provide the most professional crew at very reasonable rates. For example, an ENG camera operator charges US$350 per day. Overtime and per-diem is negotiated on a job by job basis according to the time of year and where you are shooting.


Services include location scouting anywhere in Southern Africa, municipal permits and filming permits for National Parks and beaches. I have a comprehensive database which includes most of the iconic Cape Town locations as well as many in Durban and Johannesburg.


Research and pre-interviews. I usually send contributor information sheets which include photos, address, availability and contact details.


With accounts at several gear rental suppliers I have access to most HD video formats including: Alexa, Red, Canon C300/500, Canon 5D / 7D as well as film cameras and older video formats. Rates are usually cheaper than going direct and can include insurance as well as after hours service and call-out if necessary. We can provide a wide range of grips from large cranes to travel dollys. Lighting goes from battery powered LED lights up to Wendy lights and 18ks. Consumables charged separately.


For small crews I usually suggest a mini-bus type of vehicle. They have airbags, air-conditioning and space for around 5 bags and 5 people. Cars, equipment vans and trucks are also available at good rates through accounts with vehicle suppliers. I can also arrange flights, on-set catering and unit equipment.


Cape Town has a wide variety of post-production facilities, casting agents, model agents, prop rental companies, set construction companies, freight companies and pretty much any support infrastructure required for film and TV production. We have accounts at most suppliers.

Two Seas TV also facilitates TV commercials. Just drop me an email with the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I'll send through a quotation within 24 hours.