This series will feature contemporary South African designers and companies. From industrial design to furniture design, the South African design industry is flourishing due to world-class educational institutions and the support of commercial enterprises so there is no shortage of content. We would shoot on-site interviews during the production period and cover the most important works by each designer. In the introduction to each episode, the presenter will be shown in black and white as they introduce the subject of the episode and the challenges involved with an eco-friendly design approach. These links will be shot at a relevant location such as a stadium, design studio or public space. As he / she begins to extrapolate and describe the solutions the screen will split into black & white and colour until the whole screen is colour and we cut to the first insert. This represents an awakening into an eco-friendly mind-set for designers and the public alike.

Each episode will include interviews with several designers working in a variety of design specialities including; urban design, transportation, furniture design, graphic design, interior design, building design, fashion design, industrial design and jewellery design. We also interview stakeholders in the projects and members of the public to gain insight into how we combine human happiness with economic opportunities for all.

Two Seas TV already has access to exclusive promotional footage from many of the featured designers so we could include this in the series. There will also be interviews with established opinion makers and leaders of the design field about their views on how design can help us achieve a better future. The focus will be on urban design but there will also be inserts that explore the ability of industrial design to solve rural problems in ways that are sustainable, affordable and aesthetically rewarding.

We will create a graphic opening sequence for the series and the look & feel would feature unique camera angles and colour grading complimented by original local music. We have already shot a pilot featuring designer Haldane Martin which demonstrates our shooting style and approach to the designer’s work. Each insert is structured around the interview with cutaways and inserts that illustrate the points raised. There will also be lots of panoramic beauty shots and cutaways of some of the country’s most unique design projects from the BRT system to public art and sculpture.

We will endeavour to lead by example while producing the series, using re-cycled paper, sharing transportation and using public transport, re-cycling waste in the office and using energy saving appliances. As consumer we have the power to choose eco-friendly products and designs which is the only way to achieve change.

The series will be accompanied by a website giving more information about the contributors as well as tips for how the audience can contribute to a sustainable future. As part of the Look + Feel community we have a Facebook group to encourage discussion and participation as well as feedback on the series and ideas for future contributors.


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