Two Seas TV presents a TV series about sustainable South African Design, entitled Look and Feel. In honour of Cape Town winning the World Design Capital for 2014 the series will consist of 13 x 24 minute episodes featuring South Africa designs and designers. The series will focus on the opportunities for eco-friendly design and the ability of design to address social and economic issues. The concept of the project is to shoot modular inserts that will each profile a local designer or project demonstrating a sustainable approach to design, either through resource efficiency, skills development or eco-friendly processes.

The name Look + Feel alludes to the famous modernist catchphrase ‘form follows function’ revealing the importance of both practicality and aesthetics whilst prioritising function. This duality will be expressed in both the form and content of the series. All designers will be asked to reveal how their work is both beautiful and practical. Sustainable design should balance the needs of the environment with the need to solve a specific problem showing how the two can be mutually beneficial. Resource efficiency saves money as well as making the product more affordable while skills development means higher employment and a larger consumer market. Balance and duality will be themes throughout.

The catchphrase ‘Green is the new black’ shows that environmental awareness is the new fashion as consumers increasingly want to make eco-friendly choices. It also alludes to the fact that in the new South Africa, colour is less important than the things we achieve together. In the future we will not be divided into black, white and brown but united in GREEN!


Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town has just been awarded the honour of being named as World Design Capital 2014 with the slogan: Live Design. Transform Life. Their mission is to “make Cape Town even more amazing by reconnecting, rebuilding and repositioning our city through the transformative power of design.” The core part of the bid is to place people and their lived experiences at the centre of design, using design which is socially responsive to transform the lives of citizens for the better.

Creative Cape Town studies have shown that the central city has a high level of entrepreneurship in creative industries, particularly design-led organisations, events and publications. How can this be nurtured? How can our design assets support Cape Town’s repositioning in the global economy? How do we leverage this to improve the economy, create more jobs and address high levels of inequality in all of South Africa’s urban areas? Local creatives speak of cities as spaces of inspiration and experimentation – how can this attitude be encouraged? Promoting design through the medium of television answers many of these questions and encourages all members of our society to work towards a creative and knowledge-based economy.


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